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Night Manager Job Desc

Position:                    Night Manage
Level:                        2c
Reports to:                Front Office Manager
Responsible for:        Night Operations Complex
Unit:                          Single Unit

Main Role & Objectives:
Ø  Manage and co-ordinate all activities of the complex during the night (FO, HSK, F&B, Engineering).
Ø  Ensure the safety and security of the hotel guest and staff
Ø  Perform any other duties that may be assigned from time to time by supervisors in the both properties
Main Tasks & Responsibilities:
Ø  Supervise all departments during the night;
Ø  Keep relation with Police and other local authority.
Ø  Ensure all morning openings of department (FO, OP, HSK, F&B outlets, Health Club)
Ø  Co-ordinate with security in the hotel.
Ø  Maintain a sound rapport with Airline Representative at Airport and also with immigration Authorities.
Ø  Aware of visa procedures of sponsored guests and follow up of incoming guest.
Ø  In case emergency reporting directly to the Residents Managers.
Ø  Maintain discipline among staff, appearance of staff in regards to proper upkeep of uniforms and maintain orderliness of the lobby.
Ø  Solving difficult guest situation.
Ø  Ensure the achievement of the highest occupancy in the complex at the best rate, as per hotel target·
Ø  Deal with overbooking be ensuring the best revenue for the hotel and guest satisfaction·
Ø  Co-ordinate all walkover within the properties.
Ø  Ensure that sufficient VC rooms are available for possible Walk-in clients during the night.
Ø  Brief night staff about daily activity of the hotel
Ø  Prepare the daily sheet and organize a morning briefing with FO morning shift (handover to the shift leader eventual problems)
Ø  Inspect all public areas, F&B outlets, back of the house, whenever possible take action or report to the HOD.
Ø  Try to conserve energy and insure cleanliness of the complex
Ø  Ensure close co-operation with other departments
Ø  Ensure the observance of hygiene and safety precautions to maintain a high standard in the hotel. ·
Ø  Assist in all Front of the House tasks. ·
Ø  Attend to arrival of VIP’s.
Ø  Maintain good public relation with guests.
Ø  Ensure that the Front Office team welcomes the customer properly.
Ø  Ensure guests are attended quickly and any complaints handled tactfully and diplomatically.
Ø  Receive and deals with verbal complaints.
Ø  Forward to FOM when necessary.
Ø  Train, schedule and supervise Front Office night Receptionist in all aspects of their jobs.
Ø  Monitor their performance on a constant basis ensuring all procedures are carried out correctly.
Ø  In charge of planning of the FO department during the night.
Ø  Ensure timely submission of all relevant reports and information to all departments in the morning. (GM, Finance, F&B, FO…)
Ø  Handle inquiries concerning room reservations, complaints etc.
Ø  Optimise average room occupancy and average room rate.
Ø  Check if all special rates have the appropriate authorization by competent person.
Ø  Follow up invoicing of no-shows by credit cards, ledger accounts after 2-day grace.
Ø  Consult with the Sales Department.
Ø  Monitor credit limits stringently, inform FOM when exceeding limitations.
Ø  Control reports, deductions, transfers (TCR, TDB), offer bills, and welcome drinks.
Ø  Spot check on all outlets on cash ensuring cash boxes are equal to cash machine readings.
Ø  Check existing and create new procedures in all revenue centres ensuring they do not hinder the service provided to the guest.
Ø  Prepare and provide the daily reports, control reports (house account revenue and statistics).
Ø  Control Night Auditing:
Ø  Check the trial balance from the day.
Ø  Cross checking of guest room rates between correspondence, registration cards, and actual amount charged.
Ø  All city ledger closed for the day will be checked to ensure all supporting documents as per agreements should be valid for duration of guest stay in the hotel and correct charges distributed to accounting.
Ø  Check that all transactions such as paid out, rebates and misc. income are documentation with its appropriate supported vouchers, and counter signed by the concern authorities and the guest.
Ø  Summary of deduction should be prepared.
Ø  Check the “rack” (guarantee of payment, checks.
Ø  Check the balances guest (credit limit, over credit).
Ø  Do the reconciliation between Credit card machine and system.
Ø  Check the balance between FIDELIO and Micros for F&B.
Ø  Daily spot check vacant rooms and report to Executive HSK.

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