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Front Office Manager Job Desc

Position:                    Front Office Manager
Level:                        3a
Reports to:                Resident Manager
Responsible for:        Front Office Operations
Unit:                          Single Unit

Main Role & Objectives:
Ø  Responsible for sales and the organisation of the department, ensuring that there is a high quality service in all related departments i.e. reservations and guest services.
Ø  Responsible and coordinator for the tools of Quality for the Brand and the Group ACCOR·
Ø  Assure the synergy of the department within the hotel complex (Ibis, Novotel)
Ø  Able to replace the Front Office Manager of the sister property in all functions during his/her absence.
Main Tasks & Responsibilities:
Ø  Ensure the delivery of the best welcome to the customers through a quality service in order to increase the average rate for the hotel.
Ø  Maximise the sale of rooms.
Ø  Apply and ensure the application of the pricing policy.
Ø  Responsible for billing and cash handling of all transactions.
Ø  Lead all reception and cashiering employees and ensures that there is a good working atmosphere.
Ø  Monitor the compliance of all working legislation for the department.
Ø  Responsible and coordinator for the tools of Quality for the Brand and the ACCOR Group.
Ø  Optimise the occupancy rates of the hotel and the Front Office turnover so that it is in line with the commercial action plan of the hotel and the market policy.
Ø  Establish excellent working relationships with the customers.
Ø  Know the services offered by the hotel and inform the customer about them.
Ø  Monitor all displays of information in the foyer of the hotel and ensure that they are up to date.
Ø  Take part in the preparation of the marketing and commercial action plan for the hotel.
Ø  Regularly check the quality of the service provision available by means of customer comments, feedback during service meetings.
Ø  Aware and updated on local market competition for Front Office related matters.
Ø  Responsible for the quality of the welcome received by customers.
Ø  Organise arrivals and departures and forward all information to specific departments.
Ø  Anticipate and manage the room occupancy plan with the assistance of the reservation department.
Ø  Take part in and coordinate with the Head Housekeeper all room’s allocations and departures for the day.
Ø  Monitor with Security and engineering departments the key system.
Ø  Supervise the daily billing, cashiering and business reports.
Ø  Undertake the follow-up for "no-shows".
Ø  Manage the debtors and organise meetings to implements actions for the recovery of debts.
Ø  Take part in the preparation of the pricing policy.
Ø  Draw up the annual budgets for the department, analyse results and implement any corrective actions required.
Ø  Participate in the selection of and capital need for upgrading the hotel.
Ø  Update the management reports for turnover; occupancy rates average prices per room, business forecasts, and staff planning.
Ø  Organise and prepare work schedule for employees for holidays cover in accordance with forecast and workload.
Ø  Ensure that all rosters are done in conjunction with the prepared budget.
Ø  In charge of all department manpower (recruitment, appraisal, sanctions…)
Ø  Involved in determining salaries and bonuses for all employees.
Ø  Prepare memos regarding staff discipline, instruction and announcement.
Ø  Initiate employment / termination of staff approves / disapprove leave.
Ø  Organise day to day work and communication meetings for your employees
Ø  Participate in drawing up and implementation of the training plan for your department for new recruits and existing employees.
Ø  Conduct annual assessment meetings with your employees.
Ø  Liase with all local governmental authorities for all Front Office related matters
Ø  Constantly monitoring the synergy within the complex (Manpower, policies and procedures, meeting checking, project, up sell etc…)
Ø  Cover Duty Manager tasks on weekly schedules.

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