Kamis, 29 Maret 2012

Gym and Fitness Co-ordinator Job Desc

Position:                    Gym  and Fitness Co-ordinator
Level:                        1c
Reports to:                Health Club Manager
Responsible for:        Aerobic and Fitness courses
Unit:                          Multi Unit

Main Role & Objectives:
Ø  Assure the welfare of guest at the Health Club at all times
Ø  Provide Aerobic and gym courses
Ø  Take part in organizing entertainment and participate
Ø  Able to replace the Health Club Manager when absent
Ø  Perform any other duties that may be assigned from time to time by Managers in the both properties

Main Tasks & Responsibilities:
Ø  Welcome the guests and ensure their welfare.
Ø  Be informed about hotel activities and figures
Ø  Organise personal trainings
Ø  Organise Aerobic sessions
Ø  Give the guest the best service possible
Ø  Understand and comply with all health and safety regulations for the Centre
Ø  Establish good working relationships with the guests
Ø  Forward all relevant information to the other departments in the hotel
Ø  Check the cleanliness of the workspace following the hygienic rules.
Ø  Keep all areas clean.
Ø  Take part in internal training sessions
Ø  Take care with receptionist of the follow up of the courses appointment register
Ø  In charge of the follow up of the consumables stock
Ø  Ensure proper functioning of the gym equipments in connection with engineering
Ø  Be able to replace receptionist if necessary
Ø  Be able to replace the masseuse or any other employee when requested

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