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Bell Captain Job Desc

Position:                    Bell Captain
Level:                        2a
Reports to:                Assistant FOM
Responsible for:        Supervise & co-ordinate the Bell Service Team
Unit:                          Multi Unit

Main Role & Objectives:
Ø  Welcome and provide any information for the guests and visitors whilst discreetly monitoring movement in the reception area
Ø  Provide the baggage service on check in and departure of the guests as well as the supervision and maintenance of the lobby area and its external areas
Ø  S/he carries out certain shopping on behalf of the guests at the request of the GRO or the Front Office department
Ø  Supervise and co-ordinate the Bell service team
Ø  Perform any other duties as may be assigned by the supervisors and Management that may be deemed necessary as part of guest services in the both properties interest.

Main Tasks & Responsibilities:
Ø  Ensure that the guest has a comfortable stay at the hotel
Ø  Upon arrival of guests, welcomes them and assists them
Ø  Supervise and maintain proper procedures for baggage storage
Ø  Ensure that all staff is fully informed and knowledgeable on hotel facilities
Ø  Enforce house rules among bell staff, ensure rotation and posting in lobby area
Ø  Working closely with his colleagues to provide the maximum friendly, courteous and efficient personal services possible
Ø  Establish a good rapport with the guests
Ø  Supervise the security of guests’ property during transfers and/or storage in the baggage area
Ø  Supervise Bellboys on newspaper delivery when necessary
Ø  Prepare duty roster for staff and submit to FOM for approval
Ø  Ensure that all uniformed service staff are properly dressed, neat and clean at all times during duty hours
Ø  Ensure that all documentations in the lobby are clean, updated and refill
Ø  Responsible for the stock of all items necessary for the well function of department
Ø  Answer telephone calls for Bell Service and attend to guest's inquiries, requests and complaints
Ø  CO-ordinate closely with GRO and FOM on VIP’s, guest arrivals, special request, etc
Ø  Supervise and maintains proper procedures for baggage storage
Ø  Control and documents all movement of Bell Boys
Ø  Inspect elevator areas/reports malfunctions or maintenance requirement
Ø  Responsible for transportation request by guests
Ø  Ensure that events are accurately put up and initiate necessary actions
Ø  Enforce house rules among Bell staff, ensure rotation and posting in lobby area
Ø  Supervise Bell Boys on newspaper delivery when necessary
Ø  Provide the same service than bell boys if necessary
Ø  Will have to carry out all the functions of a reception team member
Ø  Recruit and train all new employees depending on the structure in the hotel
Ø  Attend meetings and training programs
Ø  Take part in department meetings
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