Kamis, 29 Maret 2012

Health Club Attendant Job Desc

Position:                    Health Club Attendant
Level:                        1a
Reports to:                Health Club Manager
Responsible for:        Cleaning & keeping in order Health Club Area
Unit:                          Multi Unit

Main Role & Objectives:
Ø  Keep health club and pool clean and in order
Ø  Ensure the welfare of guest
Ø  Perform any other duties that may be assigned from time to time by supervisors in the both properties

Main Tasks & Responsibilities:

HEALTH CLUB (Pool house, health club and fitness centre lobbies, lockers rooms, hammams, reception, exercise room, massage room, aerobic room, toilets

Ø  Keep all areas clean following the hygienic rules
Ø  Keep all area in order
Ø  Refill soap, toilet paper and other dispensers
Ø  Help the if necessary the receptionist
Ø  Ensure the Guest welfare giving help if needed

Ø  Keep clear the pool’s water taking of all rubbish
Ø  Control the quality of water
Ø  Advise the Health Club Manager in case of problem with the quality of the water
Ø  Keep the pool area clean: floor, garden or plants
Ø  Keep the pool area in order: chairs, tables
Ø  Help the pool bar tender to clean up and reset tables
Ø  Collect the dirty towels and bring them in the housekeeping trolley
Ø  Be able to cover other jobs when necessary

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