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Front Office Supervisor Job Desc

Position:                    Front Office supervisor
Level:                        2a
Reports to:                Assistant F.O. Manager
Responsible for:        Front Office reception operations
Unit:                          Multi Unit

Main Role & Objectives:
Ø  Ensure the highest standard of service & guest care is delivered in the department.
Ø  Perform any other duties that may be assigned from time to time by supervisors in the both properties

Main Tasks & Responsibilities:
Ø  In charge of Reception/cashier.
Ø  Cover all duties of function.
Ø  Ensure follow up for billing instructions.
Ø  Ensure adequate staffing at all times.
Ø  Ensure perfect staff performance and discipline.
Ø  Apply and implement procedures.
Ø  Supervise the shift assigned.
Ø  Know the services offered by the hotel and encourage the guests to use them during their stay at the hotel. (Up selling)
Ø  Know the pricing policy of the hotel.
Ø  Aware of all ACCOR and Brand policies & requirements standards
Ø  Strive to optimise the occupancy rate, the average price per room and the turnover of the ACCOR hotel
Ø  Know the local environment of the hotel: city, culture, activities, shopping malls, and general information.
Ø  Listen to the guest at all times, strive to answer all requests from the guests as quickly as possible.
Ø  Establish good working relationships with the guests and visitors
Ø  Ensure that the service offered and the provisions provided to the guests are up to company standard.
Ø  Ensure that the service provided to the guests will win their loyalty to return to the company.
Ø  Ensure guests are attended quickly and any complaints handled tactfully and diplomatically·
Ø  Prepare the guests file when using the check in procedure.
Ø  Update and monitor Guest history.
Ø  Responsible for the cashiering procedures in the department.
Ø  Ensure that the telephone, e-mail and fax service and safe deposit services are available for the guest.
Ø  Register check in and departures of all individuals and groups.
Ø  Provide wake-up calls as requested by the guests.
Ø  Forward all relevant information to the other departments in the hotel
Ø  Check the cleanliness of the workspace.
Ø  Ensure that all documentation is up to date and when necessary deal with guest complaints when appropriate.
Ø  Check that the Police report is updated promptly. ·
Ø  Complete a credit check on the guest. ·
Ø  Create & update reservations following ACCOR standards. ·
Ø  Prepare lists of arrivals, departures, residents and VIPs. ·
Ø  Prepare the allocations for groups. ·
Ø  Prepare debtors files for the accounts Department. ·
Ø  Monitor all reservations in order to ensure that the availability each day is correct. ·
Ø  Monitor all key accounts. ·
Ø  Check the reports for Head Housekeeper and notify him/her of any discrepancies. ·
Ø  Prepare the reservations for late arrivals. ·
Ø  Establish the daily accommodation report and register any cash transactions. ·
Ø  Check the petty cash float at the start and end of the shift and enter the audit using the computerised documents. ·
Ø  Administer the "express check-out". ·
Ø  Implementation of new procedures. ·
Ø  Requisitioning items/forms. ·
Ø  To monitor and control daily shift operation workflow. ·
Ø  Following up on unsettled bills. ·
Ø  Controlling room situation. ·
Ø  Follow up on extension of stay and billing arrangements. ·
Ø  Ensure that all entries in logbook is read and followed up if necessary. ·
Ø  Conduct training. ·
Ø  Take part in the technical training of trainees within the department·
Ø  Take part in departmental meetings, as well as internal training sessions

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