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Hostess Job Desc

Job title                                  :               Hostess                 
Department                                          :               F & B

REPORTING LINE                         

Report to                                               :               Outlet Manager and Supervisor
Responsible for                    :               Welcomes and seat customers courteously


Vertically                                               :               Outlet Manager and Supervisor
Horizontally                                         :               Waiter


Over Money                                         :               Responsible to hand other payment to the supervisor or manager on Duty
Over Staff                                             :               Assist service staff in accordance with Hotel policies and procedures


Under the general guidance of the Supervisor of the outlet or function he/or she is assigned, in accordance to the Policies and Procedures established by  Resort.

Practices aggressive hospitality while serving food and beverage within the service standards established by the Hotel leading to guest satisfaction and zero complains.


1.         Attend, receives and sit guest’s needs in the outlet.
2.       Serves food and beverage to guest according to prescribed service standards and procedures of banquet service with emphasis on speed and accuracy whenever required.
3.       Cleans and maintains equipment, tools, fixtures, service area, and door area and menu folders in the outlet assigned.
4.         knowledgeable on the different types of wines and its proper service.
5.         Maintains and updates the outlet’s reservation book and guest history book.
6.         Performs the duties and responsibilities of the Captain Waiter when the need arises.
7.         Performs other tasks assigned by the Captain Waiter, which leads to guest satisfaction.


Communicates with VIP guests, government officials and other important individuals in the performance of work and in promoting the outlet and Hotel.


1.       Assists the Captain Waiter in recording the daily sales and cover count report and total drinks sold of the outlet.
2.       Reports any unusual incident, guest complains, lost and found, breakage and losses, equipment and fixture break down to the Captain Waiter.
3.         Attends pre-meal briefing and de-briefing daily and the monthly F & B Staff Meeting.
4.         Attends all meetings and training sessions organized by Hotel management for the staff.
5.         Responsible for cost saving on guest supplies, food supplies, electricity, water, etc.
6.         Keeps herself informed of all pertinent details concerning the Hotel, events in the city,
            activities and promotions in the outlets and in the Hotel.
7.       Maintains cleanliness in the door area, the reception stand, menu folders and any advertising collateral in the outlet.
8.         Prepares requisition for flowers and newspaper supplies ensuring availability.
9.         Maintains the par stock of menu folders and advertising collateral in the outlet.
10.       Takes note of anniversaries, birthdays and special dates for regular guests.
11.       Prepares requisition for amenities for guests celebrating a special occasion in the outlet.
12.       Prepares buffet place card, according to prescribed standard.


1.         Reports to the Supervisor of the shift in the outlet she is assigned.
2.         Communicates to guest in delivering product and service.
3.         Relates to co-employees in service and kitchen in performance of work and service to guests.
4.         Relates to employees of the other departments for special requirements in the performance of work.


1.         Ensure that all operational equipment is use to its appropriate function and well maintained.
2.         Report all defectives Asset and equipment to the Engineering department.


1.       Be aware of hotel’s fire evacuation and emergency policies and procedure.


1.         Establishes and maintains good relations with employees within the department and between
            other departments.
2.       Provides assistance to co-employees within food & beverage and amongst other departments in the performance of tasks to foster team work and success for the Hotel.



1.         Reports to work in prescribed uniform and well-groomed.
2.       Reports to the Captain Waiter at the start of shift to receive necessary instructions for the shift, side duties assigned, table reservation, menu changes, special menu and VIP’s, availability of food and drinks and guest comments and complains.
3.         Performs mise-en-place at the prescribed hours.
            3.a       Checks all newspaper and magazines are updated and arranged properly.
            3.b       Checks the floor area and door area are clean.
            3.c       Checks all the menu folders are clean and distributed in the menu box.
            3.d       Check all advertising collateral are clean, accurate and properly set.
            3.e       Prepares and sets-up signage and directional for table reservation.
            3.f        Prepares and checks all buffet signage are clean and presentable.

4.         Greets and escorts guests into the outlet.
5.         Seats guest in appropriate tables.
6.       Controls the distribution of guests in the outlet, allowing the service attendants to clear and re-set up tables.
7.       Capable of answering and providing accurate information to the guest concerning the restaurant, its products and services.
8.         Presents menu to the guest.
9.         Introduces the attending captain waiter, waiter or bus boys/girt, to the guests.
10.     Knowledgeable of all food and beverage items in the menu, special menu items or items on promotion, the ingredients, method of preparation, portion size and presentation.
11.       Takes orders of the guest accurately and re-confirms guest’s orders each time.
12.       Practices suggestive selling to boost outlet sales.
13.       Performs sequence of service in the outlet.
14.     Confirms satisfaction with the guest, and informs supervisor or manager immediately in case of guest complains.
15.       Capable of operating all equipment in the outlet.
16.       Capable of handling guest complains professionally.


1.       At all times whilst representing the hotel, act in a professional, decorous manner ensuring proper representation of the Hotel


1.       The Hotel requires that you will not (during or after your employment) without the hotel writing consent, divulge every information concerning the Hotel or any associated hotels or any of their dealing, transaction or affairs which may come to your knowledge during or in the course of your employment with the Company.


1.         May be rotated to different outlets and other temporary task within the Hotel.


POSITION:          Hostess                                              DEPARTMENT:                F & B

SKILLS                                                ESSENTIAL                                                                        DESIRABLE                      

EDUCATION,                     Certified School Education in.                         
QUALIFICATIONS          College                                                                  

EXPERIENCE                   3 years in 4 star property in F&B    
                                                                1 year as Hostess or similar position

INTERPERSONAL           Good organisation skills,
SKILLS                                                ability to direct people and take
COMMUNICATION         Must spea, read and understand                      Knowledge of a foreign language
                                                                English                                                                   Arabic or French

SPECIFIC                                            Must be able to converse comfortably
                                                                and openly with guests

PRESENTATION                              Well groomed and presentable
                                                                 at all times. Practice good hygiene
                                                                and professional make up

PHYSICAL                                          Mentally alert, able to work
                                                                 under pressure

OTHER                                                Must have good F&B Knowledge
REQUIREMENT                               Minimum age 20 years


WORKING                          Well maintained F&B environment
 CONDITIONS                    Open, friendly environment in harmony
                                                with colleagues and guest

WORKING                          Flexible hours in accordance with job requirement

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