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Garde Manger Job Desc

Job title : Arabic Sous Chef or Garde Manger
Department :  Kitchen F&B

REPORTING LINE                         

Report to : Executive Chef 
Responsible for  :  Fully responsible of the Garde Manger production


Vertically  :  Department Head
Horizontally  :  All kitchen and stewarding Staff


Over Money  : None
Over Staff  : Has authority to direct all garde manger  Staff in accordance with Hotel policies procedures

To manage the Garde Manger Kitchen and Arabic Oriental section accordingly to set standards, customer satisfaction and high level of sales in line with company policies and regulations.

Under the general guidance of the Executive Chef, in the implementation of the Standard Policies and Procedures of the Food and Beverage Operation and administration


1.       Responsible for the administration, operation and coordination of the Garde Manger Kitchen
2.         Responsible for the production of all Oriental food production
3.       Responsible for guiding the Garde Manger staff and in the performance of their jobs in accordance to Hotel policies and procedures.
4.       Responsible for implementing the Policies and Procedures in operating the Garde Manger Kitchen
5.       Responsible for ensuring sufficient operating equipment and supplies for the production.
6.         Responsible for establishing and maintaining high sanitation standards in the Garde Manger Kitchen
7.         Responsible for providing functional assistance to operation during peak periods and functions.
8.       Responsible for ensuring the Garde Manger Kitchen is covered with management staff during operation.
9.       To set standards in for Production of the Garde Manger Kitchen in line with company policies.


1.       Communicates effectively with guests, clients, government officials and other important individuals to ensure satisfaction in product.
2.       Produce fresh, quality and tasty food, well presented in a hygienic environment to ensure guest satisfaction at all time.


1.         To direct the Garde Manager Brigade in maximising all resources to achieve high quality and excellent
All over cost control.
2.         Schedules personnel consistent with the volume of business and needs in service.
3.         Identifies and solves problems in a timely manner.
4.         Capable of deciding the level of authority and responsibility that can be delegated.
5.         Carries out a firm and fair employee treatment policy.
6.         Prepares and submits all reports required for the Theme Kitchen, as dictated by Reporting system
7.         Attends meetings and training sessions organized by the Hotel management for the position.
8.         Prepare all food purchase requests for the garde Manger.           
10.       Prepare yearly training plan.     


  1. Reports to the Ex. Chef.
  2. To hold regular briefings, meetings with his team.
  3. The best possible service to the guest.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

1.     To ensure and follow up that equipment faults are reported through a trouble report, to maintain effective working environment.         
2.     To achieve maximum utilization of material, equipment and staff for quality and food cost control.


1.       Be aware of hotel’s fire evacuation and emergency policies and procedure
2.       Ensure truth training that the Theme Kitchen staffs are aware of hotel’s fire evacuation and emergency policies and procedure.
3.       Ensure truth training that the Theme Kitchen staff are using all specific machinery in the appropriate matter with the necessary protection tools.
4.         Knowledgeable on first aid, safety and security procedures affecting the food and beverage department.


1.         Coaches and counsels Garde Manger staff.
2.         Evaluates objectively the performance of Garde Manger staff.
3.       Identifies training needs within Garde Manger staff an and implements employee development and training program.
4.         Prepares, conducts and supervise training for Garde Manger staff.
5.         Motivates a strong team amongst Garde Manger staff.



1.         Knows and understands the job description of amongst Garde Manger staff.
2.       Establishes and implements all the food and beverage policies and procedures in the Garde Manger Kitchen
4.       Recognizes good quality products and presentation.
5.         Maintains high sanitation standard throughout the Theme Kitchen staff.
6.       Authorises store requisitions and minor purchases for the Garde Manger Kitchen
7.         To ensure Bahrain Food Control Section Regulations are adhered to in detail and exceeded.

8.         Directly handles day to day training in the kitchens
9.         Co-ordinate and compile action plan for BQT functions, outside catering and Weddings.
10.       To constantly strive for new innovative ideas in the Oriental section
11.       Identified and report to the executive chef all food item wish are not   up to the quality standard
12.     Control Food Sock in regard of freshness and expired date.
13.    Understand all Hot Meals Production and Cold Meals Production Process   
14.    Submit recipe fiche technique to Executive Chef before implementing any new menu Item


1.       At all time whilst representing the hotel, act in a professional, decorous manner ensuring proper representation of the Hotel.


1.       The Hotel requires that you will not (during or after your employment) without the hotel writing consent, divulge every information concerning the Hotel or any associated hotels or any of their dealing, transaction or affairs which may come to your knowledge during or in the course of your employment with the Company.


1.         May be rotated to different Kitchen and other temporary task within the Hotel


POSITION:          Arabic Sous Chef and Garde Manger                            DEPARTMENT: F&B

SKILLS                                                ESSENTIAL                                                                        DESIRABLE                      

EDUCATION                      Certified High School Education       
QUALIFICATIONS          Five Star Hotel Apprenticeship                                                                                       

EXPERIENCE                   Five years work experience in Five Star Hotels
                                                                In different type of Arabic cuisine
                                                                1 year as a Sous Chef

INTERPERSONAL           Mature leader, confident, good organization
SKILLS                                                Very good training and motivation skills
                                                                Original and creative

COMMUNICATION         Good level of English speech and writing        

SPECIFIC                                            Good Knowledge of Middle Eastern
                                                                cooking and Mehzza preparation
PRESENTATION                              Well groomed and presentable
                                                                 at all time. Practice good hygiene

PHYSICAL                                          Mentally alert, able to work
                                                                Long hours and to handle

OTHER                                                Should be able to Handle Pressure
REQUIREMENT                               Minimum age 25 years



WORKING                          Well maintained Kitchen
CONDITIONS                     Healthy and Hygienic
                                                Open friendly environment
                                                With responsibilities and pressure
WORKING                          Flexible hours in accordance with job requirement

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